Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It usually affects the buttocks and thighs, but it can occur in other areas too.

It is one of the skin problems that may appear in different areas of the body such as hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, and abdomen. This has an appearance like the peel of an orange that makes your skin become rough.

This is very common to a woman that is why most of them are using different anti-cellulite treatment for their cellulite to fade away. Treatments can either be in a form of surgery or creams, but it is advisable to choose the one that can answer your needs.

Surgeries are more expensive than the other kinds of treatments, but some would not guarantee that it may work.

best Cellulite Treatment

Below are some of the anti-cellulite treatments that are commonly used by most people who have problems with cellulite in their bodies:

  1. Plastic surgery. This is considered an effective treatment for cellulites and is very risky for the skin knowing that the procedure is invasive. There is a greater possibility that the procedure would go wrong because the foreign substance is injected inside the body.
  2. It is also commonly called as lipo plasty which is responsible for helping the areas of the body to reshape and slim down by means of removing fat collection surplus. This also helps in improving the body’s contour as well in enhancing the self-image of the patient. Liposuction is an anti-cellulite treatment that treats fat pouches on the inner knees, thighs, ankles, and waist.
  3. This is the procedure wherein the fat is first liquefied and removed on the body. This is helpful in reducing the problems when it comes to cellulites and is applied only on affected areas and heats fat layers of the skin. The result is the fat would be dissolved and would also help diminish the cellulites then fades away.
  4. Creams for anti-cellulite that are organic. This is considered to be the safest way that is used as an anti-cellulite treatment. There are different creams that are available in the market and safe to use for treating the problems regarding the cellulite that ruin the appearance of the skin. On the other hand, it is still advisable to choose the kind of cream that is suited on you types for better and fast results.
  5. Home remedies. Home remedies are also very helpful such as proper diet. You may include eating foods that are low carb because these help in improving the blood circulation which in turn increases the skin’s smoothness. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also advisable to eat for they help in preventing the fat deposits of cellulite development. Proper exercise is also a must in order to burn body fats as well as prevent the accumulation of cellulite in a certain place.

Anti-cellulite treatment is very helpful especially for those people who want their skin to have a good appearance and become free from the cellulite that really ruin the way their skin looks like. Knowing that there are various treatments that are available, it is needed that the right treatment should be chosen wisely for the betterment of your skin.

best Cellulite Treatment

best Cellulite Treatment FAQ

The latest weapons in the fight against cellulite

Plant Stem Cells – Peptide – Retinol – Caffeine

Healthcosmo’s skin smoothing anti-cellulite treatments are proven to safely and effectively treat cellulite, providing both immediate and long term results.

Organic Skin Smoothing Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a common skin condition that causes a dimpled, “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance. Cellulite is caused when fat cells below the skin surface expand. The fat cells push upwards resulting in an uneven skin surface. In addition the collagen bonds within where the fat cells are located and are stretched causing further unevenness to the skin’s surface.

best Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is commonly classified in four stages by using the Nürnberger-Müller cellulite scale. Cellulite most commonly appears on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. To determine the level of cellulite, you must first perform a pinch test. Pinch the skin of your outer thigh, buttocks or abdomen between your index finger and your thumb and look for dimpling.

  • Stage Zero is when no dimpling or orange peel is seen on the skin when you are standing.
  • Stage One is when no dimpling is seen on the skin when you are standing, but when you pinch your skin you have bumps and lumps.
  • Stage Two is when you can see dimpling or orange peel appearance when standing, but not when you lie down.
  • Stage Three is when you can see dimpling both when you are standing and lying down.

Both men and women have cellulite but it appears more frequently in women due to the types of fat and connective tissue that women have. There is no clear cause of cellulite but the most popular theories include hormonal factors, genetics, diet and lifestyle factors.

The most common treatments are creams and lotions that claim to break down the fat. The effectiveness of these solutions is mild at best since they cannot truly change the fat cells. Lymphatic massages are effective in treating cellulite but the results are often short term. Over the past decade, non-invasive therapies and minimally invasive therapies have emerged that target the subcutaneous tissue.

Healthcosmo’s skin smoothing anti-cellulite solutions minimize the fat cells in the target area and strengthen & regenerate the collagen fibers. The lowering of the volume of the fat cells allows the skin to go back to its initial form and the strengthened collagen fibers ensure that the skin has the elasticity it requires.

Organic Anti-Cellulite treatments are safe, fast, effective, and suitable for all skin types and will not interfere with your daily routine. Results are both immediate and long-term.