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Aromatherapy Detox Foot Spa

infused with USA Organic MSM/DMAE/Rose/Lavender/Chamomile Extract/USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Extract Water & USA patented Nano Structured Water    40 min S$50 S$25

香薰排毒足浴 – 注入了美国有机MSM/ DMAE/玫瑰/薰衣草/洋甘菊/美国农业部有机认证薄荷提取净化水结合美国专利纳米活化组织水技术提供绝对排毒,洁足并提高免疫力



Detox Foot Spa with Chinese Herbs

Tibet Saffron/Ginger Extract and USA patented Nano Structured Water 40 min S$50 S$25


… 40分钟疗程/节原价$50促销价$25/节


Hot Nano Aqua Steam + Vibrate Massage + Cool Nano Mist

Patented Cool Nano Mist Atomization treatment comes with Hot Nano Aqua Steam moisturizing facial and Eyes to deep-cleanse and hydrates your skin/eye.                       S$65 S$25 per session (30 minutes)

热纳米分子团蒸汽+振动按摩+酷冷纳米喷雾 – 以专利纳米雾化技术处理并配合深含热纳米分子团蒸汽保湿脸部和眼部,洁面和滋润皮肤/眼睛, 具有抗衰老,除邹,紧致,美白和明目作用.

… 30分钟疗程原价$65促销价$25/节


Standard Foot Spa Ion Cleanse and Anti-oxidant Far Infrared Treatment with Nano Structured Water        

…40 minutes S$45 S$20 or enjoy the best value  of our service with a bundle of  ten sessions at S$180


…40分钟疗程/节原价$45促销价$20/节或配套系列10 次疗程- $180

Epson Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Foot Soaking

…30 min S$50  S$25 

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