Rich Hydrogen Water

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    Water often appears as a life-giving substance in folktales. That is probably because water is the source of everything in the world, including human life. 

    Hydrogen water is a term used to denote water that has been enhanced with hydrogen (up to additional 1.2 parts per million). Hydrogen is the smallest of the elements and it reacts with oxidants found in humans to reduce the Redox reaction.

    This reaction is a normal biological process whereby hydroxyl radicals, or negatively charged oxygenates are formed in the body and are difficult to remove.

    Hydrogen simply reacts at the base chemical level to counter these reactions and is the most efficient antioxidant.

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    hydrogen water

    hydrogen water




    Power supply

    : 0.5kg

    : 350ml

    : 220mmX70mm

    : DC5V/800mA

    Leak proof, easy to carry, BPA-free

    One charging for 8 times usage

    Built in chlorine removal system

    Material : High Borosilicate Glass + 304 Stainless Steel
    Self-made hydrogen rich water within 3 minutes

    Water temperature: 0-50°C (refers to 0-50°C normal temperature water poured into the cup can produce hydrogen rich water, not the cup to burn water to 0-50°C)

    Hydrogen content up to 800-1200PPB above

    Package List:
    1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Water Bottle 350ml
    1 * USB Cable
    1 * Manual (Chinese)

    Rich Hydrogen Water user guide

    Fast electrolysis, easy to carry, streamline cup, simple interpretation of the United states.

    Helps to regulate blood sugar, can prevent and improve joint disease, osteoporosis, obesity, chronic diarrhea and constipation.

    Hydrogen rich water in glass is to protect the health of the health cup, whether to send friends and family or their own use, is your best choice.

    products made in USA

    Use and precautions:

    1. Power switch: press the power button, the device issued a “drop” hint tone, that began to enter the working state, the whole process to maintain 3 minutes.
    2. Work: the bottom of the cup began to bubble, while the base light, indicating the beginning of work.
    3. Stop works: after reaching the set time, the device will issue a “drop” tone, equipment to stop working. In the work, can press the power for 3 seconds long, forced to stop work.
    4. Cleaning: the cup cover and the cup body wash with water, do not use water to clean the power switch and a charging socket.
    5. Do not use > 5.25V charger for charging.
    6. When the bottom of the cup flashing red light, representing the battery power is insufficient, need to charge; charging, the bottom of the cup will emit red; filled with electricity after the cup red light automatically extinguished; the whole charging process about 3 hours.


    Hydrogen water is the most effective method to introduce antioxidants into the body, since hydrogen delivered in water can be absorbed immediately into all tissue structures of the body.

    Further other methods of introducing antioxidants rely on complicated body chemistry that may or may not apply to the individual.

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    The process is exceedingly simple, the hydrogen bonds with the antioxidants to form water or other water soluble compounds that can be flushed via normal bodily functions.

    This turns in the potential lethal hydroxyl radical into harmless water and it is passed via normal bodily process.  The following chart indicates just a few areas whereby hydrogen water may be an advantageous addition to your health arsenal.

    Rich Hydrogen Water 2

    Health professionals have long researched the benefits of hydrogen water therapy, and have discovered processes in which the pathways provided by simple hydrogen water infusion into the diet can improve health.

    So it is not just us that thinks hydrogen water is important, there exists a crucial body of evidence that supports the healthful effects of hydrogen water supplementation.

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    The water with high concentration of chloride can not be directly electrolyzed by the item.

    It is recommended to use boiled tap water or mineral water to produce hydrogen rich water.
    Close the USB port when cleaning the item. Don’t use steel wool or abrasive cleanser to clean the item, so as to avoid damage to it.

    Hydrogen rich water also called Water for Life, because it is good for our health. We can drink it for slow down aging, and we also can wash hands and face with it to keep our skin in good condition. This Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer enable you to live a more health life.

    Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you.
    Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent.

    hydrogen water

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