Oman Frankincense 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 10ml



    Name:  Boswellia Sacra
    Method of Extraction: Steam distilled
    Uses: Oil for diffusing
    Country of Origin: Oman
    Cultivation Method: Wild crafted
    Scent: Rich, warm, citrus and subtle pine
    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory; antiseptic; relaxation; anxiety; panic; sinus health; cancer fighting; sleep aid; meditation


    100% Boswellia Sacra Resin Gum, Sourced from Oman

    Detailed Description

    This selection of 100% pure Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Essential Oil is imported directly from Oman. Used not only as a relaxer and as a natural perfume around the house, thanks to its rich warm, heavenly citrus and subtle pine aroma, it has many medicinal uses as well. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and contains natural psychotropic compounds that relax the mind and melt anxiety and panic away. It is great for sinus problems, too; just put a few drops in hot water, gently inhale and feel your sinuses clear out.

    Mainstream studies are beginning to show that certain naturally occurring compounds within frankincense oil exhibits anti-cancer properties and have been shown to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

    One of the rarest compound-rich frankincense species, Sacra is a must-try and a world-wide favorite. Resins from the Arabian Peninsula have been used for thousands of years and are considered to this day to be sacred and therapeutic.

    Frankincense essential oil can be of great benefit for anyone going through cancer treatment, but it can’t be your treatment. If you have a recent cancer diagnosis, please discuss your treatment plan with your oncologist.

    Even though the usual options for cancer treatment—surgery, radiation and chemotherapy—are unpleasant and scary to contemplate, they are proven, and you should most definitely discuss your options with your medical team.

    Frankincense essential oil can help you relax, it’s a great aid to meditation, and it can be a comforting presence in uncertain times, but it’s not going to shrink your tumor. And it’s not going to help with radiation burns.


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    Frankincense is considered the holy anointing oil of the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Used to treat every conceivable ill known to man frankincense was valued more than gold and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. Researchers today have discovered that frankincense is high in sesquiterpenes, which help stimulate the limbic systems of the brain as well as the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body, controlling release of many hormones including thyroid and growth hormone.

    Useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and focusing, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair.
    Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin.

    What are the benefits of frankincense essential oil?

    Frankincense essential oil offer a variety of health benefits, it helps  relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity and even potentially helping to fight cancer.

    Can you ingest frankincense essential oil?

    The effects and benefits of frankincense oil can be acquired by applying it topically, inhaling it using a diffuser or vaporizer or ingesting it in very small amounts…

    You can also sprinkle a few drops on a clean cloth and inhale the scent or add it to your bathwater for a rejuvenating soak.

    What is the use of frankincense and myrrh?

    The frankincense and myrrh are derived from the gummy sap that oozes out of the Boswellia and Commiphora trees, respectively, when their bark is cut. The leaking resin is allowed to harden and scraped off the trunk in tear-shaped droplets; it may then be used in its dried form or steamed to yield essential oils.

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